How not to relapse when quitting smoking

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Many people have wanted to quit smoking for some time, but they feel as if they haven’t found the best way to do it yet. In fact, it is their mind that is playing tricks with them, and because of your addiction, it wants to keep you smoking in order to get some sort of a satisfaction. However, there is a good way to stop smoking, and it is extremely easy to follow, but is not that easy to do. You just have to tell yourself to quit no matter what!

However, that’s exactly when the first problems start to appear. So, in order not to get defeated by them, follow these simple advices, and your quitting should go ahead as planned.

gymFirst of all, you will need to get your mind away from smoking; that is, you need to think about something else than smoking. This isn’t easy, and especially when smoking is the exact thing your mind wants at that moment, but you need to persevere. Spend some time with your friends that don’t smoke or with your significant other, and talk about something else than smoking. Go to the gym, or start playing a sport, and it will be a great exercise for you, and a great way to divert your mind from smoking.

Some people feel the urge, not to smoke, but just to hold something in their hands. This is why it is extremely helpful to always have a pen by your side, or something that looks like a cigarette. Whenever you feel the urge to hold a cigarette, hold that item, and you’ll be able to fool your mind into thinking that you’re holding a cigarette.

wile-coyoteThe next thing, that is very important, is not to feel too proud to ask for help. Whenever you feel as if you’re about to go into relapse, call someone whom you know will help you, and rely on that person. Usually, the best person for this is someone with whom you already have a relationship, like your friend, family member or your significant other, but some sort of a counselor could do the job as well.

And finally, perhaps the most important thing you need to do is to never give up and keep up a positive attitude. Even if this process may seem difficult to you, and it will be difficult, you need to stay positive and believe that you can do it and that you can beat this addiction.

You will feel the urge to smoke once again, but try not to do this. Use the tricks we’ve mentioned to you here, and try to beat this thing. So, just get out of the company or the room in which people are smoking, beat your brain into thinking that you’re holding a cigarette, while you’re actually just holding a regular everyday item, do not feel to proud to ask for help, and keep up the positive attitude. That’s it; and if you’re thinking about quitting smoking – good luck!