How to quit smoking fast

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Smoking is hazardous to human body, and could cause numerous diseases and conditions; and not only to the person who smokes, but also to the people around them, because they will be inhaling his smoke. This is called second hand smoking, and can be as dangerous as the smoking itself. So, in order to help yourself and all the people around us, we should quit smoking and start a healthier lifestyle. But, quitting is not that easy, and by now, you are probably wondering how to do it, and is there a fast way to accomplish this. Well, luckily for you, yes, there is a fast way, and we are now going to present it to you. Just follow these steps, and you should be just fine.

1 – Set a date

Firstly, you will need to set a date on which you plan to quit smoking. Do not try to delay this date, and honor it every way you can. In order to do this, you will need to prepare yourself both mentally and physically, because this is a huge step. In order to make sure that you are not going to cheat your way out of this, make sure you tell everyone that you’re planning to quit smoking on that day. That way, the chances of you not honoring it become increasingly slimmer.

2 – Observe your habits

Look at yourself and tell yourself what do you see when you see yourself smoking a cigarette. A person enjoying a cigarette over a cup of coffee, over a cup of tea, over a nice walk? Then, try to see how much nicer it would be to do all those things without having those hazardous cigarettes around you or your friends. This can be an additional motive for you to quit this disgusting habit.

3 – Change your lifestyle

Changing your routine when it comes to drinking coffee or some tea is great, but unfortunately, it isn’t enough. You will need to change your entire lifestyle, and perhaps start a new sport, or start exercising. This will additionally make smoking seem ever more disgusting to you as you enter a healthy lifestyle full of healthy people and healthy habits. So, essentially, you’ll be replacing bad habits with healthy ones.

4 – Make a plan for the unpleasant things

istock_000009402140xsmallUnpleasant things are definitely going to come to you while you’re quitting, make no mistake about that. You will start to have nicotine cravings, which can lead to anger and stress. The best way to fight this is to take deep breathes. However, if this does not cut it for you, think about getting some nicotine patches or an electronic cigarette to help you with your craving.

5 – Be positive

And finally, you can do anything unless you keep a positive attitude. And suck is the case with quitting smoking. Sure, there will be some rough patches, but keeping a positive look on things will help you overcome them, and will help you get through this great ordeal without much trouble.